Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Outcomes, HPV status, and Attitudes among American Indians in South Dakota with Head and Neck Cancer

He Sapa Wacipi (Black Hills Powwow)
Our first community event was the Black Hills Powwow, a cultural gathering with dancing, singing, and socializing. I am working closely with the Walking Forward Program, which is a community based participatory research program working to increase cancer cure rates for American Indians. Over the course of three days we administered over 100 surveys and performed 41 head and neck screening exams. 

Grand Entry for the Powwow
My husband setting up the screening booth

Dr. Petereit, a radiation oncologist, and director of the Walking Forward Program and I

A participant and I in the screening booth
My son after all the hard work 

Sunshine Dwojak, MD, MPH
Harvard Program in Otolaryngology


  1. People with innovative oropharyngeal cancer malignancy are more likely to endure if their cancers are HPV good than if they are HPV adverse.

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